Dermaceutic Light Ceutic 40ml


Dermaceutic Light Ceutic actively exfoliates the skin and diminishes pigment spots. The combined action of glycolic acid, phytic acid, and vitamin C aids in promoting natural overnight skin regeneration

This product is designed for individuals with irregular and dull complexions, catering to all skin types. The 8% glycolic acid solution, an AHA derived from fruit acids easily penetrates the skin. As a result, it stimulates cell renewal by breaking down the bonds between dead cells.

Moreover, the 4% phytic acid solution, acting as a lightening and antioxidant agent, complements glycolic acid to enhance complexion brightness.

Clinical studies have demonstrated a noteworthy 14% increase in complexion luminosity and 12% reduction in crow’s feet wrinkles, showcasing the product’s efficacy.

The vitamin C complex, a potent antioxidant formulated by vectorizing L-Ascorbic acid with silanol technology, offers protection against the free radicals responsible for accelerated skin aging. Users may experience a restored natural skin radiance and a visibly harmonized complexion from regular application.

To benefit from these features, apply Dermaceutic Light Ceutic to the face and neck in the evening while avoiding the delicate eye contour area. Embrace the transformative effects of Light Ceutic for luminous, rejuvenated skin with a harmonized complexion.

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Dimensions 3.5 × 3.5 × 12.5 cm

Dermaceutic Laboratoire

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