Stratamark Stretchmark Therapy Gel 50g

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Designed specifically for the prevention and treatment of stretchmarks.

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Stratamark Stretchmark Therapy Gel is designed for the prevention and treatment of stretchmarks by reducing redness, discolouration and itchiness

  • Designed specifically for the prevention and treatment of stretchmarks
  • Prevents stretch marks during pregnancy, growth spurts, weight gain and body building
  • Soften and flattens stretch marks by hydrating and normalizing collagen synthesis
  • Reduces redness and discolouration, itch and discomfort form stretch marks
  • First of its kind to be registered as a medical product
  • Forms a thin, flexible protective gel sheet that is breathable and waterproof
  • Easy application to large areas such as buttocks, belly, thighs, breasts and back
  • Can be used under garments, sunscreen and cosmetics
  • Suitable for pregnant women, breastfeeding mothers, children and sensitive skin types
  • 50g tube will last for approximately 2 months treatment in late stages of pregnancy

Directions: Apply a thin layer of Stratamark Stretchmark Therapy Gel to clean dry skin once or twice daily. Gel should dry within a few minutes. Best results are achieved if the gel is left in continuous contact for 24 hours.

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